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Head Start was established in 1965..   It originally launched as a summer program to prepare low-income children for Kindergarten Readiness.   The program's services and resources were designed to foster stable family relationships, enhance children's physical and emotional well-being, and establish an environment to develop strong cognitive skills.    From this purpose, originated, Head Start, a nationally known program.

First Baptist Head Start (FBHS) began in 1974 under the direction of First Baptist Church.  FBHS began services with 60 preschool children, operating with two half day, morning classes and two half-day afternoon classes, located in the social hall of the church.

As of today, First Baptist Head Start has extended its services to 501 children, which includes Infant, Toddlers, and Preschool children.   We remain committed to providing specialized comprehensive services to the communities of Bay Point, Pittsburg, and Antioch.


Child Care, Traditional


and Preschool Program/Full Day


Child Care, Traditional.

Child Care, Center-Based.

Full Day

Family Child Care.

Full Day

Family Services

First Baptist Head Start Family Services Staff acts as an Advocate for Head Start families. Staff is able to determine the needs of families through a comprehensive family development plan.

Disability Services

Every child has the right to reach their full potential.   FBHS provides the foundation and early learning experience to ensure all children have access to participate and thrive in a rich learning environment.  Our program uses individualization to plan and focus on the goals each child’s need.

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