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Each Head Start Classroom is a unique and special learning environment.  The classroom, by design, is “set-up” to meet

the needs of both the individual child and the entire group as a whole.  All classrooms are arranged by several different “learning centers.”  These learning centers or interest area’s include, but not limited to; Blocks, Dramatic Play, Toys and Games, Art, Library, Discovery, Sand and Water, Music and Movement, Cooking, and Computers.

In each of these areas all children have ample opportunities to;

  • Increase their language development in a print rich environment
  • Enhance their social skills
  • Creatively express themselves
  • Gain knowledge through experiments and experience
  • Build and gain trust
  • Work with others
  • Create interest in, and curiosity about, themselves and their environment
  • Build empathy
  • Increase small and large motor development
  • A positive attitude towards school

And Much, Much, More………

FBHS believes in the importance of creating an environment that represents the community and the diversity that surrounds the children where they live.  Thus all classrooms are set-up to include aspects that are multi-cultural in nature.  There will be printed language in the home language of the children.  There are dolls, puzzles, pictures, and other items that represent a variety of cultures and ethnicities.  Parents and community members are invited into, and participate with, the children in the classroom.  The food that is served also is designed to represent a multicultural experience.

All classrooms have a maximum capacity of twenty children.  Our Teacher to Child ratio averages about 1:8, with the maximum ration of 1:10.

The outdoor environment is considered an extension of the classroom.  All children will be given plenty of opportunities to play in open space, build structures, ride wheeled toys, climb structures, and do pretend play.  We have many outdoor materials that are designed to increase growth, both physically and cognitively.