Each and every child is screened, assessed and observed throughout the year here at FBHS.  The children are screened, assessed, and observed to; show individual and group growth, discover potential developmental delays, see what the child knows, document growth, and learn about, and plan for, the individual child.

The names of the screenings, assessments, and observation are, but not limited to; the Brigance, the Behavior Screening, the Speech and Language Screening, the NRS, the Desired Results Developmental Profile Plus, and the Anecdotal Notes.

All these documents, along with monthly samples of your child’s writing, drawing and/or cutting, are collected and stored in your child’s Portfolio.

The Education Staff will discuss and show you the Portfolio at certain times throughout the year, plus give you the contents at years’ end.  Collecting and analyzing the above data allows our staff to have an in-depth knowledge of your child, plan for their individual needs, and create a special bond with your child.