Also, parents may participate in the Local Policy Committee (LPC).  This group consists of parents and community representatives.  They review policies and make recommendations for changes.  The LPC approves program decisions such as hiring employees and making changes to program services.  The LPC along with Head Start staff evaluate the program to ensure federal requirements are met. 

Parents are involved in the planning of the:


  • Individualized Education Goals
  • Menus
  • Parent Meeting Topics
  • Hiring New Employees
  • Field Trips
  • Classroom Activities
  • Parent Trainings

Male Involvement

First Baptist Head Start Male Involvement/Fatherhood program was established for the purpose of encouraging fathers and significant males to become actively involved in the educational development of their children.  This program aims to help fathers and males become a positive role in our program by giving them opportunities to read to children, attend field trips, and organize program events.

The mission of FBHS Male Involvement/Fatherhood program is to enhance relationships with their children and families.   These opportunities are put in place by planning intentional male involvement events throughout the year.  The male involvement program helps the participate establish personal and professional goals.   Trainings and meetings take place to walk them through the steps that will guide their personal goals.

FBHS endeavors to accomplish this mission through:

  • Training and educating fathers, significant males, other family members, and agency staff in methods and techniques for interacting with children and improving parenting skills through community resource awareness, agency-sponsored workshops, etc.
  • Designing creative and effective incentive and reward systems to encourage hesitant fathers/males to become more involved in classroom activities and program governance (Participating on decision-making committees).
  • Conducting regularly scheduled Male Involvement meetings to solicit ideas and suggestions from program fathers/males to better enhance the Male Involvement/Fatherhood program; share pertinent information regarding agency policies and procedures; and to schedule future activities and events.
  • Develop and maintain strategic alliances and partnerships with other community agencies and Fatherhood-related programs to assist in providing services to FBHS children and families.