Family Services

First Baptist Head Start Family Services Staff acts as an Advocate for Head Start families.  Staff is able to determine the needs of families through a comprehensive family development plan.  The Family Service Staff can then provide referrals for counseling, food, clothing, and housing through local agencies in the county providing these services.

The Family Service Staff will also, whenever possible, provide families with a resource directory in their native language.  When families have multiple needs they will be able to address the needs of families needs through case management services.  This will help maximize and maintain family strengths while supporting areas of need or concerns through a goal setting system.  Head Start staff cannot succeed without the committed involvement of the local community.  The advantages of partnership are reciprocal.

Confidentiality: Head Start does not release information about a child or the child’s family unless parents first provide their written consent.  Head Start Staff will exercise the utmost discretion and respect for a parent’s privacy.

Recruiting children and determining eligibility is based on community and family needs, as stated by Head Start guidelines.