Family Services

First Baptist Head Start Family Services Staff acts as an Advocate for Head Start families. Staff is able to determine the needs of families through a comprehensive family development plan. The Family Service Staff can then provide referrals for counseling, food, clothing, and housing through local agencies in the county providing these services.

The Family Service Staff will also, whenever possible, provide families with a resource directory in their native language. When families have multiple needs they will be able to address the needs of families needs through case management services. This will help maximize and maintain family strengths while supporting areas of need or concerns through a goal setting system. Head Start staff cannot succeed without the committed involvement of the local community. The advantages of partnership are reciprocal.

Confidentiality: Head Start does not release information about a child or the child’s family unless parents first provide their written consent.  Head Start Staff will exercise the utmost discretion and respect for a parent’s privacy.

Recruiting children and determining eligibility is based on community and family needs, as stated by Head Start guidelines.

We provide special services to enrolled children with one or more of these conditions

  • Blindness and visual impairments
  • Deafness and hearing impairments
  • Physical disabilities
  • Speach impairment
  • Health impairment
  • Developmental Delays
  • Serious emotional disturbances
  • Specific learning disabilities

Disability Services

First Baptist Head Start (FBHS) is committed to serving children with special needs and children who require extra support in the area of Disabilities / Mental Health. We believe with effective teaching practices and individualized learning experiences all children are able to participate and thrive in our early learning program.

Head Start Program Performance Standard, 45 CFR §1302.61 (a) and (b) requires programs to meet the needs of children with disabilities, including but not limited to those eligible for services under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA). It also requires all children have access to the full range of activities and services.

First Baptist takes the necessary steps to provide modifications to the environment, uses different approaches to instruction, and individualized experiences and support for children.

Disability Services ensure the following:

  • Designate at least 10% of total funded enrollment is filled by children eligible for services under IDEA and children who are referred for suspected needs.  
  • FBHS will complete a 10 screening to determine initial needs.  
  • Within 60 days, FBHS will complete Ages and Stages developmental screenings with parents to identify any concerns identified within the home.  

Mental Health Services

Early Childhood Mental Health refers to social and emotional development of children and the well-being of the families and staff working with them. The goal of FBHS mental health is to intentionally guide children into building strong relationships with peers, adapt to changes, and cope with stress as they grow. We provide daily experiences which develops our goal through mental health curriculum and services. Our children learn to make positive choices, communicate their needs to others, regulate their emotions and build positive self – esteem.

Mental Health Services ensures the following:

  • Promotes children’s social and emotional development through classroom curriculum and everyday classroom experiences. 
  • Children who need additional social / emotional support maybe referred for Play Therapy.  
  • Parent support is provided through group discussions with our mental health intern and collaboration with teachers.    

We offer these services to children with disabilities

  • Outreach and recruitment
  • Coordination with special education programs in their school district
  • Diagnostic and referral services
  • Treatment and Individual Education Plans (IEP's) throught school districs
  • Mainstreaming in a classroom setting
  • Health with transition into school district programs
Many kinds of services are available to Head Start children.

In treating cognitive and behavioral needs, the Head Start staff is part of a team that includes a child's parents, teacher and aide and may also include a Program Nurse, Education Manager, Special Needs Manager, Mental Health Consultant, school district staff members and representatives from other agencies directly concerned with the child's growth and development.

First Baptist Head Start staff will:

  • Observe children in the classroom to assess children's developmental needs.
  • Consult with the teaching staff about children who have problems with learning or social-emotional development.
  • Counsel parents about their children with exceptional educational, social, intellectual or emotional needs.
  • Facilitate parents discussions on a variety of issues related to child-rearing.
  • Work closely with community agencies to serve children with various needs.
  • Supervise the certification of disabled children who require special services.
  • Provide staff services as requested on many issues, such as classroom discipline or learning difficulties.

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